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February 24, 2006


Gorse Fox

Gorse Fox remembers from his Liturgy & Ecclesiology courses as a teenager that many rituals in the the Church serve multiple purposes.
In some cases they are symbolic and represent an occurence (e.g. waving a cloth above something may represent the Holy Spirit passing above it), and in other cases they were to help produce a state of mind that made you both peaceful and receptive.

Robert Schwartz

"protesting against Huntingdon Life Sciences. Although their cause is good"

Then I assume you favor Al-Qaeda also.


Robert, "assuming" is a pretty poor way to get your beliefs about the world. I think Chris is too cynical about the motivations of a lot of economics researchers, but you are certainly providing evidence for his view.

[whoever changed their opinion about Iraq as a result of seeing an anti-war demo?]

Blair did; it was only after the demo that he realised he was going to have to start selling it as all being about freeing the poor ickle Iraqis rather than as a national war of self-defence.

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