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April 26, 2006


Backword Dave

Well said, Chris.


It's time that we all marched on Whitehall carrying scythes, pitchforks and lengths of rope.


"It’s unacceptable that Clarke should even be alive."

No it isn't. Either kill him yourself or shut up about it, but either way stop complaining about him being alive and go back to doing what you do best - complaining about what he does.

laika the space dog

I can't help but think that a politician who did resign on a point of principle when something went wrong in his department would actually do his career some good.

He'd get a lot of praise in the press, some respect from the public and someone else would have to sort his mess out. The politician would be able to make some money on the chat show circuit and would be top of the list to return to the cabinet when the heat was off. He might even look like an alternative leader.

Lord Carrington is remembered only because he resigned, quite rightly, as Foreign Secretary after the Argentinians invaded the Falklands but he is remembered well. David Blunkett's hapless clinging to office, or Clair Short's contemptable stance, only brought them discredit and disdain.

A Home Secretary's only job is to lock people up, and the more people he locks up the more popular he'll become. The only thing the electorate like more than locking criminals up is deporting them, one would think a politician would realise this at some point.

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