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April 17, 2006



Football has the advantage that at least they have the opportunity of choosing from among managers rather than from among footballers. In many firms they do the equivalent of the latter.

Fisking Central

Maclaren would be a disaster. Don't want Big Sam either - we'll end up playing 4-5-1, lumping the ball up to Peter Crouch. If it has to be an Englishman, imho it should be Curbishley, but if not, they should go for Scolari.


What a piece of piss that job is. Right, you tell the boobies who play for you, the idea is that you pass the ball to guys in the same colour of shirt as yourself. Got it? And don't cock it up or I'll be sent off to manage an NHS hospitall.


to be honest m8its afuckin load of shit n u shud be a disgrace to u country u bunch of twats

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