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April 24, 2006



I say, you are jealous, aren't you? No need to be - the prestige of working for the Investors Chronicle and having nice clever non-liberal bosses must surely compensate you for your derisory salary.


No, I'm not jealous at all - as I say, compensating advantages...


Because Polly is the daughter of Philip who is in turn the son of Arnold Joseph who was a nephew of Arnold?

and the list goes on.
Lizzie II eat your heart out!


Why have none of you cruel buggers suggested that she is overpaid because of her good looks?


My God, I think you took me seriously!

Kay Tie

"If I were to leave the IC, no such signal would be sent. So there's no need to pay me a premium."

You underestimate yourself. And the way you phrase it, you imply fund managers aren't imbeciles. Hmmn..


laika the space dog

Perhaps it's simpler than that?

For example, the world heavyweight champion is the 'baddest man on the planet'. OK, not these days, but in the glorious past of Ali, Foreman, Marciarno and Johnson. He gets paid a huge amount to fight because he's the best and no-one else in the world could do the job as well as him

Most of the Guardian's content is idiotic. Its readers are intelligent, well educated idiots. It is run by idiots. Well, Polly is the uber idiot. No matter how stupid anyone's take on any issue, she will have an angle so lacking in morality, sense and historical perspective that she'll trump anyone else's dim witted, leftist drivel without breaking sweat.

In a newspaper where idiocy is the point, the uber idiot is going to be top of the pile, even when it's just a steaming pile of fresh poo.

Once nepotism got her the gig in the first place, her ascent was assured. When stupidity pays you're going to get more stupid. It's not her talent as a writer that gets her 140 big ones, it's her lack of it.


Here's another wildly jealous rant. Did the Guardian turn this writer down for a job or what?


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