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April 23, 2006



I do wonder about the source of the 'media not important' idea. It's up there with 'violence never solves anything'.

Yet in all types of political systems, whether dictatorship or democracy, politicians seem keen to have control of the media - especially TV. Look at Berlusconi or the new 'democracies' of Eastern Europe.

In the UK we have the Beeb - and the Guardian is heavily state-subsidised via its advertising.


I have found the US anchors cloyingly insufferable, but he's right about the Beeb. Last night's ten o'clock news had some tosh about paedophiles that was just a New Labour Party Political: utterly uncritical, boring, indefensible. Privatise the bloody outfit: it's now almost a no-lose gamble.


er...3% to 8% in the context of the last US election could have made all the difference..hence the importance?

laika the space dog

The media isn't as important as the media likes to think, and what power it has is being fast undermined by new media such as the internet and cable TV.

As the US media is overwhelmingly anti bush and pro democrat I find it curious that the effect of Fox gets so much attention. In a free market people watch the news they want to. If one can read a left or right wing magazine, what's so wrong about people chosing to watch a TV channel whose political slant matches their own?

In truth if the media determined the election then not only would Bush never have won, but Walter Mondale would have served two full terms. If the endlessly negative media actually covered Iraq properly, for instance, then perhaps Bush would be a lot more popular than he is at the moment.

The US media stands well to the left of the American people. The media is solidly pro abortion, pro gun control, anti capital punishment etc while the population is split. The bias in the US media is of a left wing media in a largely right wing country. Most cities have just one newspaper, there isn't a British style national press and the major networks have ossified over the decades without real competition. No wonder the white house correspondents hate new cable channels like FOX because they undermine this cosy liberal consensus. It is ridiculous to claim that a naturally left wing electorate is being seduced into voting for evilchimpyMcHitlerburton by the lizard run Fox channel.

The supposedly impartial BBC in Britain is clearly a soft left organisation, and yet Mrs Thatcher won 3 elections. The bias at the BBC is so engrained that they're not even aware of it, yet the idea of having a programme supporting capital punishment is literally unthinkable, despite every survey showing the British people are in favour of it.

Despite decades of propaganda communism collapsed like a house of cards in Eastern Europe, it was the threat of being machine gunned on the streets by the Red Army which maintained it for so long, not Radio Moscow. The reason why tyrants like the Chinese, Fidel Castro or Kim Il Jong suppress free media and seek to control the internet is because they know their own propaganda is helpless before it.

The left liberal media bitterly resent the fact that the Internet is destroying their monopoly on news and comment. Everyone who reads or posts on this site would, not so long ago, have been reading the paper or watching TV instead. It's not just FOX they hate, but anything which undermines their monopoly.

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