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May 29, 2006



I find many of your posts fascinating and would therefore be interested in your intellectual biography. But you might argue that it's easily pieced together from your posts.

Meanwhile, may I trump your crooked father with my grandfather, the Irish slum-dweller?

Robert Schwartz

The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut:
Page 232:
"'I was a victim of a series of accidents,' he said. He shrugged. 'As are we all," he said.'"

Chris Williams

Thus Dorset Street (a guess . . .) makes worriers of us all. Actually, Chris, you seem refreshingly free of the "I did it, so you can too" sentiment which afflicts the 'self-made' in both private and public sectors.

Chris Williams

Thinking about it, if it was two bus rides to Wyggeston, that rules out the Belgrave Road, assuming that the 22 and 37 ran at time. Gypsy Lane?


Chris - I lived just off Melton Road (Marfitt St). Neither the 22 nor 37 ran then; this was the late 70s.

typekey pseudonym

"I have retained a visceral hatred of Emerson, Lake and Palmer."

Me too, and that's completely without any class or other issues irrelevant to the quality of the music. For you, that may of added to the feeling, giving it a depth and quality that makes it worth savoring (no, not "sp?"), but the feeling itself originates in the quality of the music.

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