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May 09, 2006



Hmmm, this looks like something that is beset with spurious regression issues. I can't think of a single country in the world where either the size of the government or the rate of female workforce participation hasn't had a strong time trend.

.... and indeed, equation 27 shows this exactly. Two trended variables regressed one on the other. What the?


But there's also cross-sectional evidence that feminist societies have bigger government:


Wasn't there that story that all the jobs growth in Sweden for a decade had consisted of the Govt hiring Mrs Ericson to look after Mrs Andersen's old mum, and hiring Mrs Andersen to mind Mrs Ericson's babes?

Hit The Bid

Whats wrong with bigger government? Oh wait do you mean "big government"...that moniker that is so fraught with trash packed meaning as to be silly?


I don't know, dearieme. I suggest you provide a link to a tier-one source, not Worldnetdaily/enter-wingnut-here, or shut up. Or alternatively, explain why Ericsson, not Marconi, is the world's biggest telecom/internetworking kit manufacturer if Swedish society is such a waking nightmare.

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