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May 09, 2006


dave heasman

Didn't work last year, did it? Would you wait until November to buy again? Ledger day is mid-September isn't it?

This looks to be an uncharacteristically good Tuesday, too.


Sure, it doesn't work every year. But equally, there's little sign of the anomaly disappearing - 8 of the last 10 winters (Nov-April) have seen better returns than the preceding summers.
And the cliche to "buy on St Leger day" does seem wrong - I think because St leger day falls earlier these days than it used to.


"Winter" - does it work in Oz & NZ too?


It does, dearieme - the link in point 3 shows that the Oz market does relatively well in their winter/our summer.

Charlie Whitaker

Chris, would it be impertinent to ask how your pension is set up to allow you to do this?


Not impertinent at all. A few years ago, a colleague advised me to take out a pension with the Equitable Life. I misunderstood, and got a unit-linked one rather than the with-profits one that went belly-up.
This unit-linked one allows for many cost-free transfers between various assets - I only use cash and All-share tracker. I'm told that most defined contribution pension schemes do this.

dave heasman

Bugger - this year it looks as if you're right, Chris.
(After implementing an Investment Trust valuation system 20 years ago I decided to put my Equitable Life pension into their Investment Trust units. Bacon saved. However, if the dollar keeps plummeting it will reach my stop-loss point quite soon..then back into cash.)

dave heasman

So far, Chris, I'm in your (moral) debt to the tune of about £2000. Without your prompting I wouldn't have got out until tomorrow. So thanks.

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