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June 10, 2006


Bob B

I don't think you are taking World Cup issues with due gravity. The government and many more are banking on this to show that England and the English - and we invented the game - are now up there as serious world league players instead of so-so middle rankers. Judging by this, all we can presently claim is that after years of Blair's relentless modernisation, we are now the world's leading country for museums:

"Leading figures from prestigious cultural institutions came together for the first time yesterday to give Gordon Brown, the chancellor, a 'tap on the shoulder' to remind him of the importance of culture to the nation. . .

"The report contains a flurry of statistics showing that public appreciation of the arts is at a high, with 79 per cent of the population agreeing that cultural projects should receive public funding; that 85 per cent of overseas visitors come to Britain for its museums and galleries; that music contributes nearly £5bn to the economy; and that in 2002, Britain exported cultural goods to the value of $8.5bn, more than the US or China."

Well done, Tony!

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