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June 21, 2006



"A man with a ukelele is less reliable."
Well said.
I fear also that you are right to observe the merging of managerialism with mad-mullah-ism. Time for a war on them both?


This isn't anything new. It used to be impossible to be hired in many jobs without letters of reference attesting to your moral and working qualities.


You obviously don't know many crackheads, it's a *lot* more destructive to the user than any other drug, including heroin. I don't think someone who's developed a crack habit can be considered the same as someone who has a ukulele, or children.


But, CB, they didn't sack him for having rendered himself unemployably incompetent, did they? I had a boss once who told me that the biggest problem he'd ever had was when he employed a transvestite. But what, I enquired, was the problem? The plonker couldn't say. Ooh, he was a bear of little brain. Very keen on "management" though.


Well, you could argue that there are simple externalities for government/society to encourage paternity leave... in which case I don't think you can use it to make this argument. However, I do like the argument yhou make about the reliability of fathers.


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