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June 01, 2006



"an irrational process can lead to an optimum outcome": if you replace "optimum" by "reasonably good", it must be true or the Human Race wouldn't exist.

Luis Enrique

It's footnotes like that that upset Catherine Bennet so, you boorish schoolboy.

[see HP if this makes no sense]

Peter Briffa

Not only are points 1 and 3 value judgments, they are contentious ones.

Also, people can express the strength of their feelings by voting more than once.


What is an optimal outcome in the context of Big Brother? Is it the one that is best fo the players, the one that provides the most favourable position to the 'best' player (however we define that), or the one that provides the greatest entertainment to the viewers?


The optimum outcome would be for Big Brother to be taken off air...

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