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June 09, 2006


Igor Belanov

I agree with much of this- it demonstrates how vital it is to use technology and administration wisely so we have more time to use our brains in activities that are potentially creative and stimulating.
Unfortunately the consequence of poor thinking and bad management isn't that work is stimulating but that it is either stressful or boring. (And working hours are going up and not down,contrary to the logic of technological progress)


Gigerenzer's book "Reckoning with Risk" is a tremendous read. Layman-friendly. Recommends using brain, but wisely. Princess Toni-unfriendly.

Charlie Whitaker

Wow. That's one of the smartest posts I've seen. Very well said.

Charlie Whitaker

There are also societal issues: the business of negotiation and agreement. It takes a lot of time and effort - using up available brainpower - to broker a common view on just about anything. It can be very useful to have a ready made consensus to hand.

I don't imagine that change is never required but I'd have thought that smart political leadership consists, in part, of rationing the application of creative thinking: i.e. we'll take a look at issues 3, 7 and 14 but leave the rest for now.

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