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July 21, 2006



I very nearly felt a mixture of betrayal and disappointment in your poor taste until I got to the last item on this list.



They're in no particular order, Paulie.


I'm still feeling it.


Obviously, the fact that I haven't produced a decent post in weeks is a factor. But it doesn't ease the pain.


Great idea but how simple is it to update?


Now see what you've done Chris? No wonder no-one else has had the same "bright idea"...


AJE - it'll be simple to update now I've got the typelist set up.
Tom - there's absolutely no offence or criticism intended from omission; I did like your post on soap operas. I've got to save some good bloggers for later.
I hope to have a bias towards smaller blogs in the list, which'll be quite small and select

New Economist

Thanks Chris.

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