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July 14, 2006


angry economist

It just goes to show that some Americans are a) stupid combined with b) blindly optimistic

Oh and c) they are easily entertained by their sports. Who finds baseball exciting FFS?

Whereas we know we are being stupid and blindly optimistic, but it only lasts for 90 minutes. Normal cynicism is resumed after that.


When my nipper was seven we sent her to a week of "sports camp". When it was finished we asked her which sport was best. "American Football". "Why?" "Well, you get to wear thus sooooper helmet and this luuuuuvly uniform." That's when I realised that American Football is camp.


I've never been to America, but I've watched baseball and American football on TV. And it would be inconceivable for a whole 'end' to start singing anything as social democratic as 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. THAT'S the difference. Our 'firms' are larger than theirs as well.

James Hamilton

Here's a link to a British blogger who shared the US conservative desire for "entertainment" in football:
Frankly, I think the points you make here are far more valid than his. Hopefully, he'll be along to learn something about the game.


As all journalists know, there's nothing worse than an attentive reader.
My earlier post was not a call for more "entertaining" football. In lamenting the low goals-per-game ratio, I was bemoaning the lack of good attacking play. England and Portugal didn't draw 0-0 because two great defences outplayed two great attacks. It was because both teams were crap.
As a Gooner of long standing, I love good defending. But how many strikers in the World Cup would have caused TA (pbuh) any problem at all? He could have shut out Pauleta, Klose and Toni put together without dropping his cigar.

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