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July 16, 2006



The acid test would be Colin Montgomery. Or Tim Henman.
P.S. What's Allah got against the poor Muslim lad that thingy is keeping out of the Pakistan XI? That's a rotten reward for being a Muslim all your life. Do Muslims believe 'Better a sinner that repenteth....'? Somehow I doubt it.


Heh - very good. But I'm assuming you'd agree that some a priori positions have a greater rational support than others? Dunno about you; I'm agnostic myself. But I tend to lean towards atheism when people insist on involving the Almighty in their silly sporting events.


Oh, sure - I'm an atheist, in that I see no good arguments for the existence of God. But I wouldn't stand a chance of rationally convincing a theist of this position - especially if he can show (as Mohammed Yousef can) that religion is helping him thrive in important ways.
Rationality is a very weak tool - something the "muscular liberals" often forget.


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This is something I didn't know I'm really surprised for the amount of people who have been converted I never imagined it could be possible.

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