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August 20, 2006


Bishop Hill

Yes, I think you've got it. The whole debate on what we should tax should be secondary to cutting the scope of government and reducing the tax burden.

Nobody seriously believes that Labour is the party of the working classes do they? I mean they're trying to put prices up in supermarkets (according to Scotland on Sunday today)by banning two for one offers.

james higham

I begin with the premise that IHT is iniquitous for the medium to lower earners. Am I out of order with that? After that comes the discussion of the rich.

Charlie Whitaker

"To develop leadership skills ..."

That's an amazing quotation. Kudos for unearthing it (assuming it comes from a book no one would willingly read).

Tom Freeman

"If anyone's stupid enough to still think New Labour is on the side of the working class, they need only read this contemptible call from Byers to abolish inheritance tax."

No chance of it becoming party policy though. Not unless Stevie switches party...

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