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August 24, 2006


Backword Dave

We were taught a lot of that at school. Conclusion: the English are right bastards. (That's mostly a joke; not entirely, however.)
I believe (but can't prove) that history teaching throughout history has been poor by the standards you set. If the Bible is a history book then it is a partisan one with colossal omissions. The kind of history satirised in '1066 and All That' is risibly threadbare. You don't have to be a Marxist to want to look for mechanisms. Good history is hard because it necessitates reading very widely.


"We were taught a lot of that at school." Yes Dave - and do our rulers really want more people like you?

Tom Freeman

The time of reckoning is due. My surname would seem to suggest that I am - at whatever distance - decended from slaves. So where are my reparations?


A clear-eyed view of the past would certainly be inconsistent with that drivelling website about Parliamentary Enclosures. What a feat: it doesn't even explain what common land was, who the commoners were, who owned cultivated land, who owned common land, and how each sort of land was managed. Looks to be in the lamentable tradition of the Hammonds, I'd say.

Kevin Carson

The real drivel was in the piece on enclosures at that "Grade Nine" site from Alberta:

"These reforms were needed so that England could become the world's first industrial nation."

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