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August 19, 2006



Why no mention of people with big wins? Moreover, you say "First, lottery winners might not be a random sample." Quite, which takes us to the Zeroth Law of Social Science; If there is no compelling evidence that the sample is random, then the work may be social but it ain't science.

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As a Social Worker, I am looking for better ways to engage clients with severe mental health dx's (schiophrenia, bi-polar, paranoia, etc.) to get them interested or involeved in their care. Any suggestions of approaches? Also what do u find helpful when trying o speak to a client wxperiencing delusions/hallucinations?

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What is the best method for getting rid of self-harm scars?
they were done with a normal butter knife and are about 3 months old but still look red and are very visible and not easy to hide as i have about 20. they aren't like raised cuts, they are soft to touch.

i've tried bio oil and i've tried kelocote which is a special scar gel but neither of them have worked and i've put them on religiously morning and night.

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I'm a senior in an undergrad level psych program. In a few weeks, I begin a class where we learn advanced research methods and actually design an experiment. I'm interested in stigma of mental health and wondered if anyone knows of any existing measures to use as a reference or base for measuring stigma? Thanks!

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