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August 21, 2006


Backword Dave

Hold on there, young feller. Nicki from BB, keep schtum? These guys must be desperate, blind, and stupid.

Actually, that's put me right off Doherty. I found it hard to believe that Nicki was older than 11. Still, there's always Thailand, now she's hit the big time, Pete.


The fact that Nikki has now blurted out about Doherty is entirely consistent with the efficient wage hypothesis. Her earning potential has risen so much that she need no longer worry about the loss of earnings caused by her reputation for being a useless prozzie.

Backword Dave

Chris, not according to the article you linked to: Nikki's new show, Princess Nikki, which would involve seeing if she could last a single day working various different jobs, could be called off, as a result of her shock revelation. A boss at E4 told The Sun: "We need to chat to Nikki."

She's snobby, she's moody, she has unrealistic ideas about what she can eat (like the bottled water thing), the joke of the proposed series was that she couldn't do basic jobs. You have to be a real prima donna to get away with that. Kate Moss can. Catherine Zeta-Jones can. Nikki isn't talented enough not to be nice and/or hard-working. I did like "turn her hand to" in that article though. Thing is, if she slept with/escorted Pete Doherty, surely the stigma of employing her is so much less, so there's a chance someone will come forward and say "Did she hell not sleep with her clients". Her putative show would have an audience of mostly women, I imagine. And women really don't like prostitutes.

Will Williams

She wanted to marry a rich and famous man. To be a footballer's wife. Surely someone who worked blokes for £500 an hour, and has been exposed for doing that (all the stuff in the Red Tops is true, right?) is totally unmarketable for marriage/partnering. Taking me for material items, while being slutty (and giving them what they want) is one thing: crossing over to sex for money at a contractual rate is something else. Women know that, that's why the first is OK and the second is not.

Are there any women who openly sold sex for money with men of power and affluence?

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