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August 21, 2006


james higham

"The question then is: is the value of five months of life of a bowel cancer patient worth more than the benefit society would get from the lowest-valued £17,666 of other government spending?"

Playing devil's advocate, what if the lowest valued was, say, equipment for a school for the hearing impaired? But the point does stand though. Prioritization is everything.

Tim Worstall

The subsidy to the catering facilities of the Palace of Westminster is 5 million a year. Parliament sits for some 280 days (including the Lords that is) a year, so I hear.
Thus the cost of 5 months of life is that of one day of subsidized browsing and sluicing by our Lords and Masters.


Notwithstanding Tim's comment, surely part of the problem here is that there are costs to working out exactly what is the least well spent £17,666 of government money.


Aren't you advocating letting the excellent be the enemy of the good?

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