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September 26, 2006



When in sound bite form would this mean: Equality of opportunity rather than equality of outcome?


Not necessarily. The principle of "treatment as equals" is a meta-principle, that's consistent with differing applications, one of which is equality of opportunity.
But you could say the principle enjoins us to give more to those with bad luck - because we would treat the lucky the same if they became unlucky.

dave heasman

"But there's no sensible principle of equality which enjoins rigid equality of treatment of the disabled - ensuring that one-legged men can play football equally with the two-legged"

I'm not sure this is what they're about. Executive-funded sports clubs shouldn't discriminate against people who want to join. Noone's expecting a disabled person to get into the Celtic first team, except sociopaths like Balde, but there's a whole range of ability playing sport, and people with some disabilities could perform better than some without. If encouraged, which AIUI is the point.

The mistake the Scottish Executive made was in failing to spot how the right-wing press would spin it : -
"The advice could see able-bodied players in a range of team sports - from football to bowls and athletics - sidelined in favour of the handicapped. "

Utter bollocks - put out another team, that's what your funding is for.

The Scotsman has a couple of comments making the point pretty well.


Yeah, Dave's right about this. I rather think from the fact that the report you linked to doesn't actually say that the Scottish Executive is requiring sports clubs to give these people a first-team game that it's not.


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