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September 18, 2006


The Blind Winger Jones

I'm afraid that economics is cockney to most of us. Try to keep it simple.

For instance, I'd like to know how many boxes of Mr Rimming's Delicious Brown Holes my salary will purchase next year as opposed to this. Give people some kind of tangible example and they'll take it on board.

It all sounds very convincing.


Why don't you take Jones's tip and try writing Economics in rhyming slang? As in The Wank = Wank of Blingland = Bank of England. Scot = Scottish frown = Gordon Brown. Jump = jumping joint = percentage point. Con = consternation = high inflation. There's no end to it. Unfortunately.


If you want simplicity, not to say simple-mindedness, read a dead tree. The whole point of blogging, for me, is to do something better.

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