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October 01, 2006



"egalitarianism isn't synonymous with statism or stupidity": perhaps not "isn't", but "needn't be"?


How about Samuel Brittan? Capitalism with a Human Face (and many others). Many of his columns for the Financial Times can be found on his web page www.samuelbrittan.co.uk

Lars Smith

Great, thanks!


'perhaps not "isn't", but "needn't be"?'

Philosophically, no. If E were synonymous with either S1 or S2, this would be true of all cases of E. If some cases of E can be found which aren't characterised by S1 or S2, the worst we could say would be that E is often found in conjunction with S1, S2 or both - which is a significantly weaker claim than that S[1|2] characterises E itself.


If that's the same Bowles and Gintis that wrote a book about education in the United States, they can in no sense be described as liberal, never mind libertarian. It was easily the worst book I've ever read about education.

Lars Smith

Sam Bowles and Herb Gintis have changed over time, and they are doing very good work, e.g. in the Norms and Preferences Network,


Phil, I think you've persuaded me. Does that mean I'm tired? Or just that you're right?


[If E were synonymous with either S1 or S2, this would be true of all cases of E.]

Surely not?
{today} is synonymous with {October 3rd} or {the day after October 2nd} . But, clearly, not every instance of {today} is synonymous with either {October 3rd} or {the day after October 2nd}.

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