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October 03, 2006


james higham

Didn't it go into decline, Chris, when they sold Rover? By the way, what do you think of DK's flat tax?


Them there eyes: coloured contact lenses, or the real thing?


Ok, Stumbling loses a couple of points for stooping and slobbering.
What we need to see here is the cleavage between China's productive capacity and the withering US consumer as the housing engine sputters.
Not all of us watch the soap operas for relief from the macroeconomic data.


Oh but she is lovely though, isn't she?

james higham

Few posts, Chris. Are you in Bournemouth?

Will Williams

Perhaps UnderWorld will become a designer label? Frankie and the supply of WAGs to be found in the North West might help create and promote a niche market.

Frankie is an example of a sought-after Hull product.


Thanks Will - you've just confirmed one of my prejudices.
I'd always thought Frankie was an exception to my theory that Northern birds are better-looking than southern ones. Now I know she actually corroborates my theory.

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