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October 27, 2006



Think of the economies: newspaper columnists will be able to merge their "Something must be done!" Word templates with their "Don't you hate it when you've got the blasted builders in?" ones.

Tim Worstall

'If the main parties are to compete on the basis of alleged competence rather than differences of policies and principles, shouldn't we select them in the same way we select tradesmen?'

Certainly not. We do actually ask that tradesmen be competent. no one outside a straitjacket has ever even dreamt that that would be possible with a politician.

Will Williams

Monopolists and organised crime might be happy to get their placemen in post, free of (direct) charge?


Such a Modest Proposal!

The principle might be extended to company directors. Instead of paying grillions in salary + accelerated-accrual defined benefit pension benefits (plus bucketloads of option grants), a reverse auction could be operated. In order to address quality control, a threshold of (say) the IOD Chartered Director qualification* could be mandated.

It would be interesting to observe the resultant market-clearing salary levels, and make a refreshing change from the current merry-go-round system operated with the connivance of the remuneration consultancy industry.

* or Sunday School Teacher - probably as competent and certainly more honest.

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