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October 04, 2006



You do keep pointing out, rather persuasively, that the average investment manager is effectively not merely unskilled, but anti-skilled - in the sense that he does worse than a passive fund. So perhaps the key questions are (i) is your purported skill real, and (ii) is it sufficiently subtle, or even tacit, that it will be very hard to teach to a computer or to someone from a foreign land?


Here in leafy Herts, when children at posh schools have to make costumes for dress-up days at school, their mums get them made by ladies from council estates in Manchester courtesy of the internet.


Computer company predict computers will replace people shock!!

james higham

There's surely a difference between demand for skilled workers and demand for an increase in the number of them. I think it's the quality, not the quantity which counts.

dave heasman

I long for the day when entire boards of directors are outsourced to... well, anywhere really. Anywhere but England.

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