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November 24, 2006



By "Vote Conservative" do you mean vote for the Conservative party, or do you mean that there is some set of conservative policies that you would never vote for? If it is the policies, can you tell us which? If it is the party, that is irrational as political parties no longer have ideologies, and are little more than public relations driven organizations, doing their utmost to retake the center.


Actually Rob, you've got it 100% wrong. I could never vote for the Tory party precisely because it is just a PR-driven organization - one that merely tries to hide the fact that it is a class party.
I'd love to vote for the "conservative" principle, that there are limits to what the state can know or should do. But the opportunity doesn't arise.

Dave Hill

Only Fabregas? Peter Storey not your type then?

james higham


11. Badmouth Leicester.

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