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November 03, 2006



"invention and discovery and ..commercial exploitation": three things. But I don't open New Scientist expecting the Blairite disquisition.

james higham

But then, this is a man who declared himself to be "very happy" that creationism can be taught in school. Of course - creationism has no place. Time to return to the Judao-Christian roots instead.


No, he didn't say that. Look again at the transcript:

Dr. Jenny Tonge (Richmond Park): Is the Prime Minister happy—[Hon. Members: "Yes."] Is the Prime Minister happy to allow the teaching of creationism alongside Darwin's theory of evolution in state schools?

The Prime Minister: First, I am very happy. Secondly, I know that the hon. Lady is referring to a school in the north-east, and I think that certain reports about what it has been teaching are somewhat exaggerated. It would be very unfortunate if concerns about that issue were seen to remove the very strong incentive to ensure that we get as diverse a school system as we properly can. In the end, a more diverse school system will deliver better results for our children. If she looks at the school's results, I think she will find that they are very good.

"No look, you see, she said /is the Prime Minister happy/ first, and then she said /is the Prime Minister happy to allow dadah dadah dadah/, so that's *two* questions, so *I* said /firstly, yes I am happy/, do you see?" It's childish debating-club stuff, but that's how these people work.


Why should a man with no other intellectual interests be expected to have an intellectual interest in science?


Is his philistinism despite or because of his expensive private education, d'ya think?


The thing is that science, to Blair the lawyer, isn't an intellectual process - it's a codeword for "stuff some lefties don't like." Look at the things he supports in science and technology - GM food crops, nuclear power, giant databases. They are all amusingly dated, of doubtful scientific utility, tend to increase managerial power, and infuriate the Left.


Well look at the government's attitudes to the humanities- they are Charles Clarke famously said ornamental.

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