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November 25, 2006


james higham

These two failings are related. Brown is terrified of letting his thoughts speak for themselves, or his arguments stand on their own merits.

Chris, don't you think [and far be it for me to defend him now] that Gordon might possibly be attributing in the manner one does with a dissertation?

Noosa Lee

Spot on. Maybe he is sincere (and I really doubt it), but what's the point of wanting to be prime minister if you know you can't really cut it? Is that not a triumph of personal vanity over national interest? I fear someone might have left his moral compass in his other trousers.


The other issue I think is that someone so insecure can't learn from people, his problem I've always thought was that he preferred to control things and people than to have people out of his control that can criticise him and that's the issue with Brown that might make him a bad governor- because ultimately government is about taking lessons from people and its about making mistakes and reversing from your mistakes.


Some people have alledged that Brown has had treatment for mental illess (ECT etc.)

But then others have hinted about pictures of Brown wearing a nappy in the States.

Neither is probably true, but worth watching for.

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