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November 06, 2006


james higham

Doesn't matter anyway, as he won't be PM for long.


I'm going to reveal great ignorance here, and make myself look stupid. But can someone tell me why Slavery isn't technical progress as it allows us to get goods more cheaply.


Planeshift: who's "us"?

Kevin Carson

Never mind who Brown thinks is opposed to "free trade." Just who the hell does he claim is in *favor* of "free trade"? Tom Friedman? Thomas Barnett? Himself?!! Bwahahahahaha!

If there were any danger of a government adopting genuine free trade, where big business was forced to globalize on its own nickel instead of suckling at the taxpayer teat and hiding behind "intellectual property" [sic] monopolies, there'd be a corporate coup d'etat.

Brown and his ilk are nothing but money pimps for corporate mercantilism. Referring to government-subsidized and government-privileged globalization as "free trade" ranks right up there with gems like "Ministry of Truth."

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