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November 27, 2006



Brown was a bright schoolboy who, alas, went on to immerse himself in those intellectual stagnant ponds, labour history and the History of Labour. So why your surprise that his book is limp?

james higham

What’s annoying here is that Brown just doesn’t even consider Hayek’s view of markets or the possibility of state failure. He’s as ignorant of Hayek as he is of Oakeshott.

Pretty simple Chris - it's the amateur versus the professional.


Your point would be stronger if existing markets in social provision had actually discovered new things. The empirical fact that they haven't points us to the idea that Hayek's theory of markets as "discoverers" can be both true and irrelevant in this case.

Funny that, eh?

IVA Advice UK

Does it always get structured in this way or only under these specific circumstances? - Thanks, Kyle

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