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November 20, 2006


james higham

Thanks for these figures - people over here are always asking me about costs in Britain but I'm not up to date. Now Chris, it's not a Blue Monday - it's a wonderful Monday, as I post every Monday. Think of the adventure - the possibilities this week!


time taken in non-market labour like travelling to work is not part of GDP? to add insult to injury, it is counted as "leisure".

Tim Worstall

The solution of course is to opt out of the corporate structure and go freelance and work from home.

As I do. Errr, Smash the Corporatist State! by, umm, working from home?

Although I would add one point. When you do work from home you find you need more space there than you would otherwise. So the cost of the office space in town needs to be offset by the greater area needed at home (where it is much cheaper of course).

angry economist

Are their costs of lost productivity or time when working at home? e.g. doing chores when you are supposed to be working,watching daytime TV, tidying up your office because you can't concentrate until its just right etc; writing on the blogs all day 'cos no-one is watching etc?



It all depends if you're actually doing anything productive IN the office when you get there.

P.S. I'm an Ex wage Slave for 3 Months now. Excellent decision.


6.4% of GDP is quite a lot, but isn't it more startling that it is 34% of the commuter's salary, and somewhat more if you did it post-tax. I suppose this is obvious if you note that two hours travelling is 1/4 of the working day.

Then again I think the time spent travelling is not always a complete loss. If you can just sit there fore an hour you can get things done that you might have to set aside time for anyway, such as reading the paper or filling in your taxes. So it probably overstates it a bit, depending on mode of transport etc.


This just demonstrates that London isn't really liveable unless you can afford a helicopter.

Noosa Lee

They call it Stormy Monday but Tuesday's just as bad.

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