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November 19, 2006


james higham

Good post, Chris. This corporate-speak makes me want to kill. The one I love is 'for your convenience' when they're taking something away from you.


I loathe "we are supportive of". Any support?


Surely "passionate about..." is the worst managerialism out there.

james higham

Yep, 'we are supportive of' is one of the worst. Plus 'in line with current business practice' when eliminating receipts, charging you more or generally screwing the customer.


I think it's double speak.

Browns idea of "A fair system of taxation" is really a variant of slavery.


It seems that all parties are either ignoring or scared to face the problem if illegal immigration
in the United Kingdom. While most of undocumented immigrants are hiding and living in misery, J Reid and
L. Burn are pretending to be in control of the situation. This inertia is will only benefit scrupulous employers

So far we have been listening only to right wing parties and think tanks. That's the reason why I decided to
launch the survey at http://www.skillipedia.com to hear opinions from normal people. Once we get enough coverage
from the press we will be able to relay the result of the survey to the Home Office

You opinion is much appreciated


Good post- motivation is always a way to get out of failure.


We are committed to an asylum..

tom s.

How come none of them is commmitted to excellence? I thought we all were. Or was that last week?

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