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December 11, 2006



Ah yes. Of course they can always go to Eton, and a pony.


"There's a simple message here for the left... it's foolish to rely upon government." But in Britain the left does rely on government: always has, surely? Who else would give it cushy jobs and power?


It would be a pretty bad idea for the left to rely on government for power, after all for much of the 20th century it was in opposition and only managed to gain power by ditching its traditional beliefs.

chris y

"The best state schools are in areas with the highest house prices, meaning that the rich get better state education than the poor."

To what extent is this a function of the inegalitarianism of the state? When a school improves, prospective parents want to buy houses in its catchment area, and wealthier parents can afford to pay more for such housing, thus driving up prices. That is a market mechanism, entirely outwith the scope of state intervention. Excellent teachers and heads are, realistically, a scarce resource, so unless the state is going to intervene to ration the number of good teachers at every school, it's hard to see what it could do to make the situation more equitable.



If you look at the last century the left as either been in power or the supposed right have been enacting left wing policy.
It seems that the left have finally realised that markets work and have accepted to them a degree. However on all other issues policy is strictly socialist and always as been.

Remember it was the soacialist goverment of Edward Heath who abolished most grammar schools, had prices and earnings policies, took us into a non democratic european union


chris v:

The situation is vastly inequitable because state schools are funded by income taxes which steal from the productive in progressive proportion to their contribution to society, while their economic benefits are pocketed by wealthy, idle, parasitic landowners for doing exactly nothing.

The state could easily remedy this distortion by recovering the publicly-created rent of land as a source of revenue.


Because, obviously, securing people rights to whatever it is they for empowerment is something that should be left to the market.

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