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January 18, 2007


Mark Wadsworth

Hmmm. Blair, Brown, Campbell, pots, kettles ...

Backword Dave

Well, according to the Telegraph

Mr Price said journalist Andrew Rawnsley, who reported the comment, described his source as "somebody with a better claim than anyone else to know the Prime Minister's mind".
"Well, the only person with a better claim to know the Prime Minister's mind than Alastair Campbell is - possibly Cherie - is the Prime Minister himself," Mr Price said.

Andrew Rawnsley should be able to clear this up.

David Gillies

Yes, of course everyone's psychologically flawed. But this is a matter of degree. Brown is so flawed as to be verging on autistic.


...a phrase loosed into the memetic ecosystem by the Prime Minister's friend Robert Harris not so long ago. Great work, Gillies. The Inner Party will be grateful.


What sort of person? A loathsome wee twat.


Here,here, sir or madam, very well said!

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