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February 27, 2007



But the United States, as the name suggests is an entity with which those lucky enough to be citizens of are proud to identify. They may not agree with the President but the constitution and the rights, checking the power of the state, are well known and, for the most part, supported.

I'm not with you on immigration, Chris, generally. If Brown goes anywhere with that particular idea, you can be sure that the communities actually served will be whatever sub-community within our mulicultural society the prospective citzen feels he or she is truly part of.

Mark Wadsworth

I totally agree, well said.


Yes, spot on. A national purpose would be dreadfully illiberal. In particular, a national purpose of wealth redistribution, such as through a Citizen's Basic Income. Or have I missed something?


Why does an intelligent chap like Brown spout this dreary rubbish? What's he up to?


Mat, Will. You can call the US and basic income national purposes if you want. But their purpose (in their different ways) is to give people freedom. Brown's purpose seems rather different.


Usually, when countries' leaders have decided they have a national purpose, it has resulted in other countries being conquered.


New Labour's obsession with 'national purpose' is fascinating I think.

They all come out with it: Blair, Brown, Blunkett, Reid, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub. My hunch is that when politicians cease to adhere to ideology they begin to question their own sense of self. What's the purpose in a politician who doesn't believe in anything? Maybe this search for a national identity guff is a projection of their lost political identity? Or maybe I'm just talking shite.

Anyway, some more reasons why Brown's plan is too silly to merit comment here: http://oldtraffordviews.blogspot.com/


Why does an intelligent chap like Brown spout this dreary rubbish? What's he up to

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