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February 16, 2007


Chris Williams

Becuase you're a bell end?

Lovely bloke usually, that Chris D, but he doesn't half know sod all about football.


As Nick Robinson points out, Tony Blair made similar comments to Cameron after the killing of Jamie Bulger, it's funny how Blair's views have changed now that he's the one who's in the firing line.

Now, moving on to football, Spurs lost less games in the 2005-2006 Premiership season than Arsenal did (9-11)
All this proves is Arsenal are bigger losers than Spurs, at least temporarily.

Robert Jackman

Hello Mr.Stumbling - interesting points, but since when did Tories have a sense of proportionality (or Nick Cohen for that matter)?
I've just blogged on Blair/Cameron, and why gun culture DOES tell us alot about society. Come have a look, and leave a comment. Bring your bell curves too - I've never been the most rational person.


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