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February 19, 2007



Chris, the things you're saying, though you are officially on the opposite side of politics to many of us, is basically the same, e.g. "And in voting for parties rather than particular policies, we are forced to buy bundles of policies."

You go on to speak of hierarchies et al. From a different angle, this is what I've also been going on with but by using the word 'cabals' it may have misled people. The gap between the upper echelons and us is where we drift apart. You see economic and Platonic/classic Rousseau solutions and as I've commented before, your healthy idealism shines through.

I have pages and pages on a much more nasty agenda from the self-styled elite and this puts any democratic 'push' into neutral - it stymies it because it is actively trying to do just that.

Rob Spear

Bravo on this one. Sorry I'm a little late getting round to reading it. One point I would like to make is that whereas I appreciate the idea behind direct democracy, I reckon that any single system eventually gets corrupted by an "elite" class, and will always be a need for reform,or, if it gets too bad, revolution. The trick is to keep moving the goalposts - which the UK has managed pretty well up until now, but our current form of "democracy" seems a bit of a sticking point.

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