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February 09, 2007



And I should imagine that FTSE4Bad has done even better than the All-Share. Now where is that Unethical Investment Fund when you need it?


FTSE4Bad? Easy - Diageo, Shell, BP, BAT, Gallagher (or however it is spelt!), and a couple of casino firms... DIY is easy!


Just being vicarious:
You only want claims on future cash flows? You'll enjoy X% return.
If, however, you want the said claims + the satisfaction of being "ethical", you have to pay for the added feature, so your returns are X% - a "charge" for the optional!
How much are you willing to pay?

james higham

And are 'percentage points' the only determinants of policy, Chris? Is social policy also to be predicated on the movement of percentages?


Much depends on what you mean by unethical. Patrick's FTSE4Bad list above seems, to me, very simplistic. Just as one example, I can think of plenty of ethical uses for oil, and plenty of unethical uses for just about anything else. In fact, I find the implications behind his list unethical and I suspect I would take the same view of many so-called ethical investments.


This isn't exactly news, or surprising. Nor does it mean that ethical investors have been hoodwinked. Some of my pension funds are in ethical investment portfolios and I'm perfectly happy with the fact that they perform under the norm. They're still good enough for me.

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