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February 05, 2007



Chris, I disagree with this:

"Devil's Kitchen, whatever his merits or demerits, is not representative of the blogosphere. "

DK is a fabulous example to knock down this ludicrous assertion of la Pol:

"but this is of another dimension because you can't answer back unless in public because they're anonymous. "

Bloggers put their rebuttals to Polly in public: why on earth would she want her reply to be private? If the blogger is wrong, I would have thought Polly would want all who read the incorrect article to know that it is indeed wrong and why.

If DK is so wrong, then show that to be the case. Polly's problem is that she does not really want to engage with those who challenge her statist views. the blogosphere is not an echo-chamber (well, some of it isn't) and that makes Polly distinctly uncomfortable.


How would Polly know if there were a coherent argument, or three facts? Her coherence sonar doesn't work and her fact radar is non-existent.


Um, I believe that Chris said that DK is not representative of the blogosphere. The fact that he is apparently a fabulous example of something or other is not quite the same thing as being representative of the whole blogosphere.



Are any of us representative of the *whole* blogosphere?

Chris C

I think this site is a propagator of nonsense and piffle in support of an outdated and outrageous manifesto: supporting Arsenal.

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