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February 18, 2007


Tim Worstall

"Decent liberal" now, eh? My, my.

I'm not sure I do buy the inequality arguments still but I'd happily go along with the plan as advertised as we'd shrink hte state, deter some rent seeking, simplify the tax system, get rid of the welfare trap and so on.
With the added bonus that we'd have to leave the EU to have a cbi (if we remain in then it would have to be open to any EU citizen).


Well, I'm a "decent liberal" and I would go for it, if I thought it was on offer.
But I will not believe it is genuinely available as long as the left-of-centre parties have their recruitment, internal politics and funding largely controlled by public centre interests. Turkeys, Christmas etc.

I understand that Nick Cohen believes that as long as the Great Socialist Future is rotting in the centre of the left wing, said left wing is going to be a very unhygienic place.

I'm inclined to agree.


Please don't line up the "decent left" with Nick Cohen, please.


Isn't "agreeing with Nick Cohen" a sufficient operational definition of "decent left"?

Kevin Carson

The geolibertarians like to tie the basic income (or "citizen's dividend," as they call it) directly to a tax on land value and natural resource extraction. By so doing, they emphasize entitlement to the returns on scarce, uncreated land and resources as a common right.

Many geolibs also argue that, if the CD completely replaced welfare and state pensions, and increased the bargaining power of labor, it would make it easier to shift the funding of most state services to user fees and allow the unhindered operation of free market pricing. The idea is that the individual should recieve an unconditional share of the total rent of land and natural resources (some estimates in the U.S. run as high as $15,000 per capita), and then spend it as he wishes--but be completely responsible for meeting all of his needs through the CD plus whatever income he can earn on the market, without any other state intervention.

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