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March 20, 2007



If everyone followed the majority, wouldn't that also mean that nothing ever changed? A very conservative result for the world.

Andy Cooke

Just a point about number 4:
"This argues against supporting Cameron - the collective wisdom of the entire human race doesn't give a toss about him."

This point argues against supporting anyone and anything, surely? Insert name of choice instead of Cameron:
"Citizen's Basic Income"


Now Chris, you're against managerialism, i.e. the tendency of one man at the top to dominate and now you're against majoritianism or whatever, i.e. the democratic voice. Where exactly are you, sir?

Mark Wadsworth

Ultimately, the people are always right.

Quite simply because people judge themselves by their own standards. If politicians and the like stopped obfuscating and gave people clear choices, we would nearly always choose the right thing, and if in hindsight it's wrong, so what?, the people are more likely than politicians to admit to this and go on another tack (e.g. troops out of Iraq).

Chris Bertram

Not wanting to quibble unduly, but it is extremely improbable that a *majority* will ever vote for Mr Cameron.

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