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March 16, 2007



We're just going to have to buy the British government out and bring it into private ownership. Then we can strip of its assets, fire half the staff, load it with debt, and sell it back to the electorate at an enormous profit.

Now, all we need to do is raise the buyout capital...

Mark Wadsworth

Sanbikinorian, WE already OWN the British Government and all State assets, it belongs to us (the "people" or the "taxpayer" or the "voter") indirectly, there is no need for us to pay anything at all we would be doing is paying money to ourselves.

What you mean is we should wrest control over state assets and manage them better. Which is a bloody good idea.

chris strange

Private equity concentrates shareholdings and imposes greater control over management, often by giving them higher-powered incentives.

The direct analogy for taking a country out of public ownership and into private would probably be like how King Léopold II ran the Belgian Congo. Very cost effective at getting what he wanted out of it, but not so good for the natives.

Perhaps something analogous to a de-merger would be a better idea than private equity. The UK is too big to run effectively so lets spin off some of its functions and let it focus better, or split it up and therefore reduce the number of 'share holders'.


Your arguments for private equity would apply too to family companies, I suppose. They could, in principle, get round the problem of an untalented generation by an enlightened policy on adoption.

Marcin Tustin

Charge likely lads and lasses for being adopted?


Of course, the reality is that private equity is growing less because of "agency issues" (so beloved of economists) and more because of structural changes in financial regulation and apparent changes in the interest rate environment.


The timing of the Olympics Cost Over-run Announcement was a simple distraction from the Trident issue, a far more serious problem. For all of us, across the planet.

Seems it's ok for the UK to break the NPT in full view of the world, whilst Irans 'alleged' breaking of same treaty is reason to impose economic sanctions of the kind that killed 500,000 children in Iraq.

There's a great song, (even if I say so my self) called "Olympics and War" out there.


Spread the word....


"The timing of the Olympics Cost Over-run Announcement was a simple distraction from the Trident issue": what, in the sense of suggesting that Trident is a bargain at only twice the Olympics?


Hmmm.. Olympics will cost £9 billion, and last for two weeks. The infrastructure will be around for 25 years as current building practices indicate....and then more stuff will be built = more business for the builders...

Trident update will cost £76 billion, last for 15 years and then 100's of thousands of years to deal with the 'waste' products........

Both are a completer and utter waste of taxpayers money and energy - a wombat to be precise!

Waste of Money, Brains and Time!


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Of course, the reality is that private equity is growing less because of "agency issues

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