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March 22, 2007



I recently read a study, which I now cannot find, where it showed that to actually affect london house prices through supply you would need to concrete over the royal parks. Life is trade offs I suppose.


"to actually affect london house prices", dear Katie, all you need do is adopt my scheme for moving the British capital to Berwick-upon-Tweed.


"One reason why rents don't rise much is that the supply of housing rises. But this means anyone hoping the Olympics will raise house prices might be mistaken."

It's perfectly possible for housing supply to rise, rents to fall and house prices to rise - indeed that's precisely what happened in London in recent years, because buy-to-let landlords bought up most new market housing.

Dave Ross

I'm afraid you're right, this whole Olympic thing is rotten to the core. Keep pushing and lets hope it's not too late to make it work for the best. Please view my post Tony Blairs Legacy Volume 1 "The Olympics" on my blog http://andtodaysproblemis.blogspot.com/
I'm new to this and trying to generate some interest.

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