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March 15, 2007



Stupid idea. Oh and don't for one moment should anyone think that Canadians were / are in favour of shoot-outs instead of draws in the NHL. The shoot-out was only introduce last season. It was intended to help in boosting the popularity of hockey in the US (stupid plan - isn't going to work).

It is a dumb idea for most sports to ignore the possibility of a draw.


They should, then, change the number of points available for winning to 4.

Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the problem of both teams playing defensively at events like the last World Cup, which made for pretty tedious viewing. Draws there could be decided by penalty shootout, but with one free penalty to the team with the most shots on goal over the rest of the match, and another extra penalty for the team with the greatest offensive possession (ie. ball possession in other team's half).


In some youth tournaments, the team which has gotten the most corners is considered the winner in case of a draw. I think that's a far more sensible approach than what that "crack-brained imbecile" just came up with.


But, TG, that is how it was done in Victorian times and, as you know, You Can Never Turn The Clock Back.

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