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March 16, 2007



I'd add to Shuggy the NHS Blog Doctor - for matters Sawbones-and-Quacks; More Than Mind Games - for fitba-related; A Place to Stand - for making me wonder just how much we've been misled about what happened in Bosnia; and The Joy of Curmudgeonry - for deft shafts of insight about The Human Condition. Among the yanks, Steve Sailer is without peer.


ah, Steve Sailer, the noted film critic and race nut.


"don't these guys ever get bored of making the same point?" Pot and kettle, Mr Dillow, pot and kettle. (You could hold a demand=revealing referendum on it.)


Delighted I was passed over. Think I'll start up the Mindless Bloggers Club.


James - that was exactly why I was trying I avoid the meme. You just annoy everyone who's not in your list, for no very good reason. Sorry.

Fabian Tassano

Thanks for the mention.


Chris, I wouldn't be annoyed with you, particularly as you were kind enough to link the Malcolm Marshall thing. It does create divisiveness though [speaking generally here, not specifically]and this is the big problem with my blogroll - how not to elevate some to the exclusion of others.

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