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March 28, 2007



It's time you wrote more about cooking.

Marcin Tustin

Maybe attitudes become correlated because of widely-reported macroeconomic forecasting?

Marcin Tustin

More seriously, social pressures, and inaccurate mass media portrayals of lifestyles might well cause behaviours to become correlated.

bishop hill

I wouldn't mind some social pressures with Nigella myself.

Rob Hayward

You're not suggesting that these assets will start deflating - are you?

Matt Munro

Game theory. The assumption is that with a free market in housing (which we don't have but anyway) individuals will make rational choices based on self interest. At a societal level the result is a perfect market, responsive and flexible enough to meet all needs.
The psychology of home ownership is Social Comparison theory - keeping up with the Joneses

Mark Wadsworth

Why the picture of that lovely cuddly lady off the telly?


'cos most of us would rather look at her than her dad?

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