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April 08, 2007



Woooah there me hearty! Have you missed out on the history of the twentieth century or something? Try this lady for size:

- and there are many MANY more like her. Now, here's the guy who's run the best news service on it for the last xxx years:

Please read. The politicans' attack on our personal lives is of utmost importance to all of us plebs, that is to say, to those who blog.


"They're single because they lack the opportunity to be married": some of them, perhaps, won't take on the risk of marriage because they feel the divorce laws might prove to be an engine for impoverishing them. Just a guess.

Acad Ronin

It is also possible that people who are more predisposed to be happier have an easier time finding mates and marrying.

Mark Wadsworth

Correct, government has no business telling people whether to get married or not. That said, reducing incentives for single parents seems like a good idea. Or as Dearime hints above, making divorce law a bit fairer, e.g. by having statutory pre-nups like in other European countries.


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