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April 29, 2007




Another puerile dig at the anti-immigration position.

Okay. So was 7/7 or the Lozelles incident or the Northern riots a tribute to ethnic diversity, Chris?

Left-libertarians have no regard for unintended consequences or the erosion of trust that accompanies multiculturalism.

Multicultural societies are among the most unstable on the planet. I mean... try telling an Iraqi that "Diversity is strength!"

Look what mass immigration has done to Lebanon or Paris. Not pretty, is it?

Is it fuck.


"But there's no reason why the efficient structure of government should coincide with any common identity, or entail celebration of that commonality."

Amen - which is why I'm not a nationalist. Why should the boundaries of the nation also mark the boundaries of a polity?

"The question of how far Scotland should be ruled from Westminster is a narrow one. Do the economies of scale (governmental overheads being spread more thinly, coordination between national policies, for example) outweigh the diseconomies of scale (such as Scottish people feeling alienated by having decisions made so far from them)?"

I personally think it's a bit broader than that but since you put it this way I think the argument would be for retaining the Union by these criteria.

Do the "Scottish people feeling alienated by having decisions made so far from them"? According to most opinion polls, only one in five Scots feel this to the extent they want separation from England.

The real story of this forthcoming election is that Scots are disgruntled by the decisions made rather closer to home in Holyrood.

The mismatch between putative support for the SNP and the much lower numbers indicating support for independence would tend to indicate that a majority of the Scottish people simply want a change of administration in Edinburgh. I get the impression that most of the English columnists in the MSM don't really get this.


It may have changed greatly since I lived at home, but I can remember a feeling that people were reasonably content with the Union with England; it was rule from London that they were beginning to find unbearable. So move the British capital to Berwick. Problem solved. Whether the English would want London to be the seat for the necessary English parliament could be settled by plebiscite.


I am not sure what it does for your arguments that Edmund Hillary flew a Union Jack on the summit of Everest, the division between "British" and "New Zealander" nor being so either/or in the early 50s.

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