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April 30, 2007


Mark Wadsworth

Anybody who attempts to define what it means to be British has obviously no idea what it means to be British.


Our biggest asset is our people.


Well, not all of them.

Kevin Carson

Straw reminds me of that Minister of Information in Brazil who blamed terrorism on "bad sportsmanship."

Roger Thornhill

Straw is not totaly wrong about Britishness, but he either deludes himself that he hand is fellow Sociofascists and self-loathing journeymen are systematically attempting to tear it all down. That, or he is a bare-faced liar.

Matt Munro

I disagree with Straw, every right thinking person knows that Cricket, warm beer and roast beef with yorkshire pudding define Britishness.

Mark Wadsworth

Matt, no, it's LOSING at cricket that defines us. And naff school uniforms.


No, no, Matt; you eat the Yorkshire pudding with gravy before you eat the beef. Really, some people.

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